Meet Char

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I would like to introduce you to “That Perfect Style,” my business as an Image Consultant and Certified Personal Stylist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I have worked in Corporate America on the Fortune 500 set for over 14 years and know how important and influential the “dressed for success” feeling and look can be. With hectic work schedules, busy family life and social calendars, chances are you pay little attention to fashion choices and even have less patience for shopping. As a consultant, I am passionate about enhancing the look and personal image of each client. The following offers brief information on “That Perfect Style:”

Inside every woman and man sits “That Perfect Style.” It is about your ideal look and the statement you want to make to all who you encounter in your daily travels. Whether you are dressing for a job promotion, a date with that special person, or you just want an effortless style that has confidence written all over it, a little help and professional guidance may be just the boost to get you there.

“That Perfect Style” can help you create and maintain your individual style by simply guiding you on what to wear and how to wear it with endless mix and match possibilities. It’s not about being trendy; it’s about a working wardrobe that creates the personalized image you want.

My unique service will not only bring out your perfect style and image you desire, it will provide a lasting understanding on what works for you.

Fashion fades, style is eternal…Get the edge you need, get “That Perfect Style” you deserve.